Thursday, December 22, 2011

To INFINITY and Beyond: Infinity Scarfs for Christmas

Guess what my the women in my family are getting for Christmas?

The Infinity Scarf can come in many different styles, textures and colors. They can be used to accessorize any outfit, and can be styled in multiple ways. I found selecting fabrics and textures fun. Most I found at Walmart.

The options are "infinte". I was able to make approximately 12 different scarves in less than 6 hours over 2 days. Talk about "instant gratification" sewing projects. As I made each one, I wanted to keep it for myself. In most cases, I bought enough fabric to make 2 or 3 out of the same fabric. Can't you imagine the style potential with each scarf?

Animal Print!

Basic Black!


 Black & White!


I want to keep them all for myself...but it's Christmas.The time for giving! I hope they really enjoy them. I know I did making them!

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  1. Hi Dr. Donna and hoping your holiday is a joyous one. Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh My, you were definitely on an infinity scarf marathon and love the prints you used. I made a bunch of them for family and coworkers and they love them.